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Mr B's Book Review: What will you dream of tonight? by Frances Stickley & Anuska Allepuz

This stunning, captivating adventure glides us beautifully through a world of imagination.

The mesmeric rhyming couplets in this picture book by Frances Stickley and Anuska Allepuz exhibit a feeling of calmness and serenity as we dance our way through dreamland.

Not only would this be the perfect night-time lullaby, but it would also be the perfect tonic for uncertainty and fear.

Through the magic of a dream, we are taken on a breath taking journey catching stars, riding whales and coming face-to-face with a dragon.

This book teaches children that anything is possible in this extraordinary world at their fingertips, reminding them that they are loved, safe and cared for.

I can't wait to add this book to my Year 3 book corner, especially for nervous, apprehensive children who are looking for a world to escape to.

You might take a ride down a waterfall slide as you glide through a tropical sky and swing past the leaves on a jungle trapeze. You are free! You are fast! You can fly!

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