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Mr B's Book Reviews: The Stolen Spear by Saviour Pirotta

Calling all Year 3 and Year 4 teachers who teach the Stone Age. This is the book for you.

There are excellent Stone Age picture books out there such as Ug and The Stone Age Boy, but I struggled to find an excellent chapter book.. that was until now.

Saviour Pirotta and Maverick Publishing have produced this exceptional story, set in the Late Neolithic period where man has learnt how to grow crops, keep farm animals and live as communities.

The story itself is about a sacred spear which is stolen from a burial mound, and Wolf’s adventure to find it, taking him from island to island.

Although this book is a work of fiction, Pirotta does an outstanding job of drawing realistic links to the Neolithic era and what it was like.

It’s a story intertwined with Neolithic themes of spirit, hope and bravery, all of which Early Man had to exhibit to survive.

The story is written from the perspective of young Wolf, who struggles to fit in with his local community and even his family because of the expectancy to be fierce and strong.

So how can this young man prove to his community that he has a role to play in Skara Brae?

Grab this book when you get the chance. It’s a Stone-Age adventure of thrills, spills and excitement.

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