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Mr B's Book Reviews: The Climbers by Ali Standish

I was like Augustus Gloop at Wonka's chocolate factory when I skipped into Waterstones Derby on Friday. I wanted them all.

Of course by 'them all', I mean the wonderful selection of children's literature that sit invitingly on the second and third floors.

As I skipped up the stairs, I spotted this on a display and it's stunning illustrations and intriguing title hooked me in instantly.

The Climbers by Ali Standish and illustrated outstandingly by Alette Straathof is a sublime celebration of bravery, courage and friendship.

We are introduced to the character of Alma who longs to explore the world, but is refrained from doing so by her tribal family who tell her that what lies beyond the mountains is grave danger, as well as an enemy tribe.

Yet Alma's heart races for adventure. She is looking for somewhere in which she belongs. She doesn't stop until she finds this - and along the way there are twists and turns that leave you on the edge of your seat and ultimately cast doubt over her quest.

A perfect tonic for children with a fixed mindset - a reminder that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

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