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Mr B's Book Reviews: It's My Sausage by Alex Willmore

'It's my sausage' is my favourite funny book of the year - and its out on the 28th September.

There are five cats but only one sausage - which means that our four-legged furry friends are going all out to claim that glorious sausage!

They get up to all sorts in this simple yet hilariously illustrated picture book.

There is plenty of repetition and humour, with the illustrations just as amusing as the text.

Willmore does a super job of appealing to his young target audience in this book, which would be an ideal cheer-up tale for a sad child or a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

Who doesn't love cats?!

Maverick Publishing have pulled a blinder on this one - I'm sure KS1 audiences are going to absolutely adore it!

This book is officially released on the 28th September 2019.

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